Chronicles of Paldon


In the once-prosperous city of Paldon, a catastrophic event caused by scientist Tobern Shadowstahl’s experiment with time-altering technology shattered the city’s advanced machinery and erased valuable knowledge. Now factions of intellectuals and politicians debate the risks and benefits of restoring the city’s technology. Amongst political conflicts, engineers and scientists secretly navigate alliances and forbidden knowledge to restore the marvellous machines of Paldon.

Following the catastrophic event, the fate of Paldon is in your hands. Explore forgotten knowledge and dispatch your assistants to gather resources. Choose your sympathies; aligning with factions can yield valuable rewards. Master the art of machinecrafting. Become the most renowned inventor and restore Paldon´s advanced technology.

The game

In Chronicles of Paldon, each player will act as an inventor with a workshop of their own somewhere in the Paldon city. The task is to repair the city’s marvellous machinery which because of the catastrophe has now malfunctioned. To do this you, with help from your apprentices, gather resources, relearn lost knowledge and try to accomplish the remaking. You will be allied with factions. But take care, other factions and inventors are not friendly and might try to sabotage your work.

The player who builds up most reputation will be the winner of the game.

Playtest of a Chronicle of Paldon prototype at LinCon 2024.