About us

Triturus Games is a game studio started in summer 2022 and consists of Johan Nilsson, Bengt Ragnemalm and Helene Ragnemalm. We are located in Skeda south of Linköping in Sweden. All of us have always been very interested in playing different kinds of board games. During 2020 Johan started developing a game taking place in Ireland during the Viking age and this resulted in a prototype. At that time Bengt and Helene joined the project and a period of play testing and redesign followed. In early summer 2022 the project has reached a point where the game is ready to be tested among a larger amount of people and then Triturus Games was started.

The name Triturus comes from Triturus cristatus, Northern crested newt. This little animal has played an important role in our lives during the period 2020-2022, as it stopped the plans for a quarry in our neighbourhood.

Our intention is to continue developing and publishing high quality board and card games with a high replay value. We have many more ideas to be developed!

Our address:
Triturus Games AB
Sundsholms gård 1
585 97 Linköping

Organization number: 559437-6070