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  • Meet us at Lincon May 8th to May 12th

    We have used the time since our Kickstarter to investigate different alternatives for Emperor. This has resulted in a new graphic design, for example a new look on the game board and resources. In parallell with this work we are designing a new game in a steampunk setting. At LinCon you can play Emperor of…

  • Kickstarter campaign closed

    The dice of destiny have been cast. The black die shows a rout: our Kickstarter didn’t take off as we had hoped so we have to withdraw, regroup, and evaluate. However, the green die still shows a hit! The game is destined for the tabletops and we now have to consider how and when.Subscribe to…

  • We are live on Kickstarter!

    Now Emperor of the Gaels is launched on Kickstarter! If you want to know more, just click and take a look at our campaign. And don’t forget: the game is avaliable on Tabletopia, free for everyone to test.

  • German version of Emperor of the Gaels

    We are happy to announce that a German version of Emperor of the Gaels will be included in the Kickstarter campaign! This is a full translation of all language dependent game pieces. Der Kickstarter beginnt am 17. Oktober, einschließlich einer deutschen Version. Mach mit beim Prelaunch, damit du diese Gelegenheit nicht verpasst!  “Zuletzt durften wir…

  • How to play video

    Now we present a how to play video for Emperor of the Gaels, made by Jenders Gaming. It is also avaliable for Emperor of the Gaels on Tabletopia.

  • Emperor of the Gaels on Tabletopia

    Now it is possible to try Emperor of the Gaels on Tabletopia! We will have it there for free play from now and until the Kickstarter campaign ends. Just to let people get a chance to test it before buying.

  • Review by Lycky Roll

    We are happy to publish a review of Emperor of the Gaels, made by the Irish reviewer Lucky Roll. With the Irish theme of the game, LuckyRoll was the natural choice for us when searching for a reviewer. For those interested in Lucky Roll and their other previews , see also Facebook, Facebook group, Instagram…

  • Emperor of the Gaels pre-launched on Kickstarter

    Join us in our pre-launch om Kickstarter! You find it here. We are very happy to have come to this point and now we are working towards the launch which is planned to October.

  • Report from Lincon 2023

    Lincon is a 4 days gaming convention in Linköping, Sweden. Triturus Games was of course there with Emperor of the Gaels. We can summarize the days as: Fun, friendly, and lots of interesting meetings with new people and board games. Over 1700 people participated in the convention and in the Triturus room we had full…

  • Triturus Games at CalCon

    In 24-26 February we visited CalCon, a convention i Kalmar. We presented Emperor of the Gaels and let people play it during the 3 days. It was very successful and we met a lot of interesting people. The game was played several times during the days and the reactions were very positive. Emperor of the…